3 Ways to Get Started with Video Marketing

It's important to understand what's right for you on an individual basis

There’s no doubt by this point you already understand the significance of video content when marketing yourself on the web. With video taking up so much of our attention online there’s a growing pressure for brands, businesses and individuals to get online and start creating content to stay relevant. Where we agree video is important and there are many benefits to the medium, it’s important to understand what’s right for you on an individual basis, as no marketing tool is a one size fits all solution. That said, here are 3 ways to get started with video:

1. Set Real Objectives

This one is a biggy. So often when the creative juices start flowing and excitement builds around creating a video for a product, brand or solution it’s easy to forget the ‘why’. Is your video answering a question? Recognising and fulfilling a need? Do you outright expect to see an increase of leads through your chosen distribution channels?  Sometimes this can be quite straight forward and others this could be quite complex based on where the video product sits in the grand scheme of things. Setting course with the right expectations and a clear aim will only do you good in reaching those newly defined objectives.

2. Create Consistently

Perhaps the hardest thing of all when creating content is doing so consistently. If you’re looking to start using video as a marketing tool it’s essential that you create some form of roadmap and strategy as to how you’re doing so. Creating consistently will help you to builder a larger, more invested and more trusting audience. Not only this but the consistency will generally build more authority for you in your niche or market sector. Consistency helps you build real brand affinity with your audience / users / customer base and will keep you ahead of the curve. 

3. Take Risks

Avoid a copy and paste approach. More times than not the video content you see online which grabs your attention is something that’s not only well crafted but in it’s self original. It’s so easy for business to look at exsisting sucessful campaings and say ‘let’s do that!’, but you’ll only ride the coattails of someone else’s work and miss out on creating sometime truly unique. Getting inspiration from other videos or campaigns is often essential, but without taking risks you won’t reach your true potential as a brand or individual. This also goes back to points 1 and 2 – are you communicating authentically and with purpose?

Once you’ve mastered theses steps, executing the video it’s self is a different ball game. Depending on what type of content is being produced, businesses often seek external producers or even in-house training where that’s more beneficial in the long run. Execution is crutial and justl like pre-production can be different for each business. What do you look for when having video content produced? Get in touch and let us know.

If you’re interested in chatting about a video project, feel free to mail us or fill out this short Typeform here.

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