Who are eighty anyway?

We believe in creating experiences, not just an aesthetics. It's about bringing together design, motion, imagery, and everything in-between to create something that evokes emotion.

eighty was born out of a shared desire to create great user experiences. Comprised of Co-Creators Jordan Gilroy and Liam Gilroy, the goal is to combine great design, motion and functionality to create projects that instil professionalism and confidence while also projecting personality and uniqueness without compromise.

Sticking at what we do best is key, and that’s why we offer a specific range of services rather than a catch-all. Focusing on design, development, photo and video, we set our sights on creating projects that get the most out of our skill sets while ultimately providing a better product to clients.

"This feels like the perfect combination of skill sets that compliment each other and provide a positive overall experience to the user and the client."

Coming from a strong graphic design background, Jordan has over a decade’s worth of experience working with international brands on digital campaigns. Having spent years building a successful freelance business Jordan has developed an extensive portfolio of work that capitalises on his keen eye for creating award-winning and experiential designs. He currently sits as a Jury Member of Orpetron Web Design Awards and continually pushes his range of skills in and out of his project work.

Having started out as an independent Filmmaker turn Video Marketer, Liam comes from an agency background that saw him develop into a Marketing Director role. Web development, photography and video have always been at the heart of what he does and this has seen him produce content across the world for multinational brands and small businesses alike. The personal development theme carries through with Liam who is invested in the web development and photography industries, always keeping a keen eye on what’s coming next and staying connected.

It’s this combination of skills and shared interests that make eighty what it is and what drives our ethos forward. We are interested in working in multiple sectors and with all business sizes and look forward to collaborating with like minded people and across the globe.

For more info drop us a line at [email protected]

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